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Friday, April 8, 2011

Well it has now been a year since I was sleeved this time last year i was lying in the hospital bed, thinking i was dying...
Well i came out unscathed and am loving it, apart from having some minor iron and anaemia problems
all is well...
I feel fantastic and no longer take the arthritis meds that i was on for my aching legs...
I am still lazy and ha vent done any exercise yet, which i really want to do..
We have a gym at work, well curves..but I'm still umming an ahhhing about that.
We are just about to go away for Easter and that will be great, ill be seeing some mates that i ha vent see since before My sleeve so that Will be a big shock..

Monday, February 21, 2011

the new year, a tad late....

Well the new year came and went nothing to exciting to report, my hernia is giving me grief and i now have to wear a tight band around it to hold it in, especially on busy nights at work..those are the worst, i don't go back to see Dr Taylor till April, then we have to make a date from there for surgery, I am still the same weight, but my Dr did a blood test and I am anemic, so i am regretfully taking iron tablet, i have enough trouble with my bowels without adding that constipation to it!!But what do you do, nothing just get on with it, a family member laughed at me when i told them about the hernia, and the toilet prob, and being anemic and said see what you did to yourself, is it still worth it, i said YES definitely, wouldn't change a thing!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

feeling fine

Well i have been quite slack n the blog front..sorry.
I have lost soem more weight and am happy with that. I am now in the 25 bmi range, which is just under the overweight mark now, woop woop.
I have just been to the gold coast and got myself another tattoo much to my husbands disgust. I went to a 21st heres a pic of me now.. Xmas i s now upon us and well it will be very soon..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

More pics

i found some more pics of me at my heaviest...shocking..Omg i look pregnant

Monday, September 6, 2010

going out

Well me and my husband went to a wedding on the weekend and I think i blew most people away!!! The groom even said to Darren i thought you were bringing your wife, heehehhhe, and the girls that work there, cause it used to be my old work I just loved it..

Also my weight has finally moved down .500grams, after nearly 4 weeks!! really I'm not fussed, as long it stays down, lol...I really want to get to 60kg, and i will be really happy, well I'm really happy already!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sydney visit

I got back from Sydney last night, quite late, anyhow the Dr (beautiful blue eyes...drool) said that i have lost 2/3rds of my weight and would be happy if i didn't loose anymore!!, no hang on I'm not finished yet, and that i have an incisional hernia?? it doesn't hurt at all, and if and when it does, OR gets bigger, I'm to go back and go under the knife again! all for free.

My dietitian was really happy, and said I should eat more fruit, well i eat at least one piece a day she wants me to eat at least 3! :654365: that's pushing it, at least i can try...

OMG the compliments i have been getting as most of the family haven't seen me since April!! I really got heaps of compliments which in the end i was getting embarrassed...
I'm still loosing about a kilo a week, some weeks it stops , but then resumes again..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Well I'm off tomorrow,to Sydney, to see my surgeon for my 2nd ever check up, which I'm glad about especially seeing i have this lump thingy??/

I have dropped another kilo, so now I'm 67.7kg, and I'm still overweight and not in a healthy BMI yet..few more to go..

Its funny on the comments you get, especially now since I've lost 25kg's, and people are starting to worry!! like i have cancer!! that was a comment from one of my dh's mates on the weekend i havent seen him in 6 months, and he was asking my hubby when they were out at the pub , if i was okay cause i had lost a fair bit of weight!

Well I will be doing some shopping while im there, as there are only limited shops here, and i have a wedding to go to, at my old work place, and they havent seen me there, so that should be interesting.....hmmmmm